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13 January 21 – please click on link below for Covid 19 Safeguarding addendum Sefton

Covid19 Safeguarding addendum Sefton 11th JANUARY 2021

Monday 11th January 2021

Please find  below letter from Executive Director of Children’s Social Care & Education, Sefton Council

Vicky Buchanan
Executive Director of Children’s Social
Care and Education
Sefton Council
Bootle Town Hall
Oriel Road
L20 7AE
Tel 0151 934 3128
Date: 11th January 2021
Our ref: 01 11 01 21 HT Letter

Dear Parents and Carers
As you are fully aware the Prime Minister announced a full lockdown which meant that all schools were closed except for vulnerable children and critical worker children. This was not the start for the year that we wanted as we hoped that all children and young people would be in school by the 18th January at the very latest.
We need to drive down the infection rates in Sefton and indeed the whole country so that we are all safe and secure in returning to everyday life. In order to do that it is crucial we all follow the government guidance of staying home unless absolutely necessary. We need everyone to follow this guidance to protect not only the NHS but also ourselves, our families and our friends. Hopefully, with the roll out of the vaccine and keeping to the guidance this will happen sooner rather than later.

Government guidance for schools and for parents and carers has been very clear about who should access places in schools. ‘Children with at least one parent or carer who is a critical worker can go to school or college if required, but parents and carers should keep their children at home if they can.’ Full guidance for parents and carers can be found at:
We would ask that if you can, as the guidance says keep your child at home then please do so. Schools are under increasing pressure to manage the number of children and young people in school due to staff not being able to attend school due to covid issues. Schools may therefore as a last resort have to consider prioritising places for vulnerable children, health workers and school staff. Schools will only do this after considering their Risk Assessment and consultation with their governing body and Sefton Council.
This will be continually reviewed as situations change throughout this current lockdown.

Your school will keep you informed as to what is happening. Please do discuss any concerns with your school.
Alongside having children in school, schools are providing high quality remote learning for those at home. As you can imagine this is placing a very heavy burden on staff to ensure that everyone is catered for.
Please do remember that all school situations are different and this impacts on how a school will deliver remote learning. There are many different ways that this can be delivered and no one way is the only way.
Some schools may have the facilities to deliver ‘live’ lessons and other may not be able to do so, that does not mean that their offer is any less effective. Please do work with your school to support your child and if you do have any worries then do discuss with the school. All our schools have worked incredibly hard to ensure that what they are offering is helping our children and young people to carry on learning in very difficult circumstances. If you are struggling with accessing online learning please do speak to your

We would ask that you continue to encourage your children to follow the advice of Hands, Face, Space. Our schools will continue to reinforce this message as well as ensuring social distancing, good ventilation, use of face coverings as appropriate, and ensuring people with symptoms do not attend. These remain the most effective ways to reduce the spread of the virus, even with rapid testing in place within schools.

However, as parents and carers you could further support by not sending children to school unless necessary – stay at home; please don’t bring children to school if they are of an age when they can walk there on their own. If you need to take your child to school please observe hands, face, space, wear a face covering and don’t stand around the playground or school gates. We want to try and minimise people mixing.

We would ask that you continue to work with and support our schools with the same and consideration you have done so throughout this pandemic.

Vicky Buchanan                                                           Margaret Jones

VICKY BUCHANAN                                                  MARGARET JONES

5th January 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

Happy New Year, if we all follow guidelines I am sure it will be!!

In the announcement of the closure of schools from 6th January until half term for the wider school community it was indicated that nursery children would still have access to a place. Unfortunately, after action from various teaching and support staff unions who are acting on advice from SAGE (Scientific advisory group) it is deemed as not safe for staff to be in contact with the usual number of children.

All staff made representation that they are happy to work with reduced numbers and therefore given ratios we are able to offer provision for children who have an EHCP, in the process of an obtaining an EHCP, have a Child Protection Plan, Child in Need plan, Early Help Plan, Looked after by the local authority or where both parents are classed as critical workers and don’t have a support bubble.

This is all we can manage at this present time. If you qualify you will have been contacted. Should staffing reduce this will need to be reviewed.

Please ensure that we have your up to date telephone number and access our facebook page and website for further information.

The children who we are unable to support in school will be supported virtually.  We will do this by delivering activity packs, delivering sessions through facebook live, telephone calls and zoom sessions.If you need help or advice please telephone the school.

Yours sincerely

Debbie Clark          Julie Cliff

Headteacher          Chair of Governors


School’s Covid 19 response over the Christmas period 1oth December 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

The government has released information to schools regarding track and trace expectations over the Christmas holidays. On Monday, the government announced the expectation for school leaders to continue to assist with contract tracing over the Christmas holiday period.

Public Health England has agreed on a six-day window after the final day of teaching in which schools are asked to continue to assist with contact tracing. This will allow enough time for positive Covid 19 cases to be identified and confirmed by a test and for relevant contacts in an education setting to be traced. Beyond the 6 days, school staff will not be asked to play a role in any contact tracing.

The Department for Education has given schools a choice to move an INSET day to Friday 18th December, meaning school leaders would be on duty until 23rd December. However, as this would be very short notice for families to rearrange childcare or amend holidays so close to Christmas, School has decided to remain open on Friday 18th December as previously planned and, therefore, complete the track and trace procedure up to and including Christmas Eve.

For the first 6 days after school closes on Friday 18th December, if a pupil tests positive for Covid 19, having developed symptoms within 48 hours of being in school, you should email school on This email will be checked once a day. Should any children be identified as needing to self-isolate, you will receive a text message from School with the self-isolation dates. School is not required to respond to any queries as a result of receiving a self-isolation message.

Where a pupil tests positive for Covid 19, having developed symptoms more than 48 hours since being in school, school should not be contacted during the holiday period.  Parents and carers should follow contact tracing instruction provided by NHS Test and Trace.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Debbie Clark



Letter from Sefton Council Director of Children’s Services & Interim Head Education 4th December 2020

Dear parents and carers

We are delighted to be able to write to you about the excellent attendance records that our children and young people have achieved this term. We know it has not been an easy time especially during lockdown and that many of you have been worried about sending your children to school.

We know that the safest place for our children and young people is in school so that they can continue to learn and catch up on the five months schooling they have missed. Our local schools are doing an amazing job supporting their pupils to catch up ensuring that they can learn from home when it is required.

It’s not an easy task for anyone including staff, parents and carers at home managing blended learning. The reports we get back show that so many of you are providing great support for your children when they have to remain at home.

All our schools are striving to provide the very best opportunities for the pupils in their care. We would ask that you remember that all schools are unique communities working in different ways and that blended learning techniques will not be the same across all settings.

With just two weeks until the Christmas break, we would like to remind you that it is important that your child attends school up to the last day of term. We appreciate your concerns about the Christmas break and the implications if your child is identified as one of the close contacts of someone who has tested positive, however we would ask that you keep your children in school for the remainder of the term.

The government guidelines are very clear on the expectation that children and young people attend school every day, right to the end of term and the guidance for parents and carers on attendance can be found on the link below.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you once again for the tremendous support in ensuring your child attendance which is greatly appreciated by both Sefton Council and the schools.

We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas

        VICKY BUCHANAN                                                  TRICIA DAVIES

        Executive Director of Children’s                          Interim Head of Education

        Social Care and Education



UPDATE 16.10.2020


Due to another confirmed case of COVID 19 within the nursery class the children from that bubble will not be returning on Thursday 22nd October as initially stated. The school will now re-open on Monday 2nd November when we look forward to welcoming everyone back.


We have had a case of  COVID 19 confirmed in the nursery class late this afternoon(9.10.2020). We are currently trying to contact all parents/carers by text/phone, please click on link below to view letter giving further information. Please note that the 2 Year Old Room will remain open as they are in a separate bubble. 

Nursery Class Bubble Closure Letter


‘Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020’ poster which outlines our ‘5 steps to safer working together’ – please click on link:  Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020


“All adults to wear a face covering when visiting or entering school premises’

‘Only one adult to enter the premises for drop off and pick up’

‘Arrive and leave promptly when dropping off/collecting your child – please do not congregate as we know that the virus is easily transmitted from person to person’

Please click on the link below for letter from Sefton Council Director of Children’s Services & Interim Head Education which provides further information relating to new measures in place from 18th September

Important information regarding the measures to reduce the virus spreading in schools

What to do if you or someone you share a house with has coronavirus symptoms, please click on link below
Easy Read Household Isolation Guide

Please click on the link below to view letter to all our parents regarding infection control and prevention measures put in place by the local authority.  September 2020
Letter to parents from Margaret Jones & Tricia Davies Sefton

Please click link below to view letter from V Buchanan, Exec Director of Children’s Services, thanking parents, carers and school staff  for their contribution over the past months and information relating to all schools reopening in September
Letter 15.7.2020


16th June 2020 – UPDATE
Please click on the link below to view letter from Local Authority regarding school’s phased re-opening on Monday 22nd June 2020

9th June 2020 – UPDATE
Please click on the link below to view letter from the Local Authority regarding the latest information regarding the delay in the proposed opening of Sefton schools.

19th May 2020 – UPDATE
Please click on the link below to view letter from the Local Authority regarding the latest news on schools re-opening in June
19.05.20 Letter to Parents and Carers a


18th May 2020
Firstly let me say how much I have missed seeing you all coming in and out of school every day and sharing your children with us. I hope you are all safe and well and coping in the best ways you can during these strange times. It has been lovely to speak to many of you and share your news. We have had one baby sister born last week and I know we are awaiting the arrival of a baby brother soon!

As you may have heard schools will be working on a phased reopening from the beginning of June. We are getting advice on a daily basis on how we can do this. This will not be all the children immediately and sessions will be shorter and not every day. Depending on numbers we may be closed for one day each week to allow for an additional deep clean.

The safety of the children, their parents/carers and my staff is paramount and therefore it is essential that we take the correct measures moving forward.

What will this look like?
During this week we will be ringing round to see who would like a place for their child. Some parents have already expressed they will keep their child at home as they will feel safer in doing so, some children need to be kept at home as they have underlying health conditions and some have a family member who is shielding and they need to reduce any risk factors.
I can confidently say the children will not be distancing in the building it will be impossible, but the staff will have to distance from each other and from you as parents and carers.
We are risk assessing all our operations and if any point we feel it is not safe we will stop the provision until it is.
If telephone numbers have changed please email and pass this message to your friends if you think they may not have received it.
If you use social media may I encourage to follow us on twitter @Cambridge_NS and Facebook
And our website is our main communications will be by text so please keep us up to date with your telephone numbers.

Nursery will look different.

We have removed dressing up clothes, soft furnishings and play items like sand and play dough.

Staff are wearing clothing protection, gloves and may choose to wear a cloth mask.

Entry into the school will be from the rear of the building and the children will be in smaller groups and so may not be in their usual room.

Entry will be accessed via a one way system with an expectation that all parents observe a 2 metre distance.

Children to be dropped off at the door of their allocated room and the staff will send them to wash their hands.

Pick up times and drop off times may be different and we cannot operate our 30 hour provision at this time.

The main entrance will only be accessible to staff.

We are in the process of implementing all of these changes at the moment and we will be in touch as soon as we have any additional information. Please bear with us as when guidance is updated changes may occur.

Can I finish by saying how well you have all coped and that we recognise the stress everyone is under and we will try our best to support you all we can. This is a worrying time for children in particular as their worlds have been turned upside down. Don’t worry about being a teacher at home as spending time together reading stories, watching telly together and having lots of cuddles is the best thing you can do, they will catch up with school if and when it restarts.

Please note that the school is currently being manned by a skeleton staff, providing emergency care for those key workers who are vital to the Covid-19 response. We are unable to deal face to face and may not be able to take telephone enquiries.

If you need to contact us please email and we will endeavour to respond within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

If you have a safeguarding concern please telephone 01519342511/2516 and speak to a duty social worker.

For latest information regarding Coronavirus please go to:

We would like to keep in touch with our children and their families, if you would like to hear from us please send an email and include your child’s name to

Take care and stay safe!!

Debbie Clark

Due to the current situation below is an important message to the parents/carers of children applying for a Funded 2 year old or Nursery 3/4 year old place from September 2020

If you would like to apply for a place from September 2020 please complete our application form that you will find on the website and return it either via email to or by post to Cambridge Nursery School, Cambridge Road, Bootle L20 9LQ. If you have a problem downloading an application form you can request a paper copy be sent out to you via our email address.

Should you have a problem getting the application form back to us, please don’t worry it’s not a problem, you can send an email to include your name, your child’s name, date of birth, address (inc post code), telephone/mobile number and preference of a morning or afternoon place. Please be assured that once we receive your email requesting a place we will automatically add your child’s name to our waiting list and send you confirmation that a place will be allocated to you. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to add them to the email.  We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our Nursery School.

If we already received an application form from you we are pleased to confirm that your child has automatically been allocated a place and we will be in touch shortly.

Thank you

Please click on the link below to find a Stay at Home guide on what to do if you or someone you share your home with has coronavirus symptoms.
Easy Read Household Isolation Guide

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